Quantum Physics

Published March 14, 2013 by isabellai8

This.is.crazy.! I think I’ll need more than one semester to do this project…


‘If you have not understood quantum mechanics then you have not understood it’ Niels Bohr

This should blow your mind:

Yes. The mere presence of the observer is affecting the actual result! If you can think of a logical reason why then you can get yourself a nobel prize.

Quantum theory is starting to enter biology, :

There is even a book out that tries to give an alternative view to Darwinian Evolution:


This isnt likely to replace Darwinian Evolution theory but is more likely to live by it as a supplementary area of research. In much the same way that Newtonian Physics and Quantum physics co-exist.

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2 comments on “Quantum Physics

  • Hey! I recently blogged about something related to quantum mechanics.

    Would you be interested in joining the same pod? I’m studying mathematical modeling, and we both utilize quantitative/computational power which is different from the qualitative logic that most people are researching in their projects.

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