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Spring break and time management

Published March 18, 2013 by isabellai8

Anyone who knows me knows I’m horrible at time management. I haven’t researched as much as I had hoped for my topic with other homework and softball picking up. But thank Higgs boson spring break is next week! Prepare yourself for learning!


Superman and Krypton

Published March 15, 2013 by isabellai8

So I guess comic books get their physics right!  The comics say that Superman has his super-strength because Krypton’s gravity is much stronger- 15x stronger- than Earth’s gravity.  In order for Krypton to be small enough (so it’s not a gas planet) while still having this gravity and not introducing any new forms of matter, Krypton’s center would have to be a neutron star (the extremely dense remnants of a supernova).  And the gravitational strain from the center would cause violent phenomenons on the surface, creating the catastrophe causing Superman’s parents to send him to Earth!

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